New routers RB-RTExxx

AMiT’s portfolio of Ethernet TCN routers for rolling stock was recently expanded by devices  RB-RTExxx. Within the railway installation, these router provide connection between ETB and ECN Ethernet networks.
Routers from the RB-RTExxx family are fitted with four independent 1Gbps Ethernet ports, out of which two are reserved for communication via ETB (Ethernet Train Backbone) network. Bypass function is also supported – if the router or its running applications stops functioning, these two ports will remain connected, effectively bypassing the device. After the router is powered back on, or the application resumes functioning, the bypass is severed and application then handles the data transfers between the network interfaces. All Ethernet interfaces can be operated at 10/100/1000 Mbps rates.
Another interesting feature is presence of an HDMI, which is used for viewing device status and graphical output of operating system running on the router. HDMI interface is used mostly for service or debugging purposes.