TRDP Modules

TRDP Modules The fundamental element of TRDP (Train Real-time Data Protocol) communication units is the communication module RMTRDPxx series.

TRDP modules

On 11th and 12th of July 2018, another periodic meeting of UIC-IEC Trainet and Multimedia Group was held at AMiT’s headquarters in Prague. TRDP protocol was one of the many discussed topics. TRDP (Train Real-time Data Protocol) is a network protocol [...]

AMiT company has won in tender DPOV

AMiT company has won in tender for supplying the Information System, Audio System, WTB including diagnostics and WiFi for renovation of Bmz229, Bmz235 and Amz138 passenger cars. We have supplied modern HW and SW for Information systems in single/double [...]

The AMiT special communication technology in India

AMiT participate with its supply of special components for MVB (Multifunctional Vehicle Bus) network on important project of refurbishing of electric locomotives WAG6 and WAG9 operated by Indian Railways. It is about MVB communication modules, which [...]

MVB Modules

MVB Modules The fundamental element of MVB (Multifunction Vehicle Bus) communication units is the communication module RM-MVB10/1x series. The interface for connecting to a host system behaves as a virtual or real series line, depending on its [...]

TCN Communication

TCN Communication The basic components of the communication network in rolling stock (TCN – Train Communication Network) are a Wire Train Bus (WTB) that provides data communication throughout the whole train unit and a Multifunction Vehicle Bus (MVB) for [...]

SW Support for TCN Communication

TCN Messenger The TCN Messenger implements the TCN MD protocol called the RTP MD protocol (Real-Time Message Data Protocol). The RTP MD protocol is a communication protocol used for on-board communication by messages between various devices as part of [...]

WTB and MVB Analysers

WTB and MVB Analysers Analysers of the WTB and MVB bus are passive bus elements, which monitor the traffic on the bus and pass it to the Ethernet bus in UDP frames. A PC is attached to the Ethernet bus with a program for receiving and evaluating the UDP [...]

MVB Converters

MVB Converters The MVB converters mediate conversion of various communication lines to a MVB line. The converters can be used to units connecting with Ethernet or CAN communication lines to the MVB line. The conversion processing of communication is [...]

WTB Gateway

WTB Gateway WTB (Wire Train Bus) is a fundamental element of communication between vehicles as part of the Train Communication Network (TCN). It provides the inter-operability between various vehicles (in accordance with IEC61375-1). The uniqueness of the [...]