Communication Infrastructure

Ethernet network has been successfully used and proven as inexpensive and reliable means of real-time on-board rolling stock communication. Ethernet elements of train networks meet the demanding requirements for resistance to extreme temperatures, dust, moisture, vibration and against electromagnetic interference.

Of course there is high reliability of Ethernet communication and the ability of redundant operation to ensure continuous communication even during failure of any components of the network or a cable breakage.

We offer elements of train networks (switches, converters, routers) in a design of full compliance with EN 50155, with a wide range of DC power (24 V / 36 V / 110 V) and with support of own power supply requirements via Ethernet (PoE, e.g. for IP cameras, IP audio devices etc.), with M12 or RJ45 connectors.

Ethernet train network enables transfer of:

  • data of vehicle control system
    • e.g. signals to control automatic doors closing and locking, lighting control and other technologies
  • security data
  • data of information for passengers
    • e.g. signals of radio and other multimedia devices for informing on-board passengers about vehicle drive and their entertainment also

Our essential elements offered for train Ethernet networks: