AMiT, spol. s r.o. – Transportation

We become among the most important players in the area of development and manufacture of control systems and electronics for transport, particularly for railway and rolling stock. Our assets are based primarily on own know-how and development, advanced manufacture and a professional approach to customers.

Our product offer is rare in the world in its complexity and scope; it includes information systems for passengers, IP surveillance and audio systems, TCN communication, communication infrastructure and on-board control systems, which fulfil customers’ requirements and of course international general (EN) and technical (UIC) standards.


We want to become both a reliable supplier in the rail and rolling stock industry, and a respected partner for quality in electronic engineering, manufacturing and services.
In relation to employees, we support their togetherness with the company, as well as increasing their responsibility for all of the company’s successes and business results.


Our mission is to discover, develop and deliver reliable, smart and cost-performance efficient products, applications and complex solutions for rolling stock and public transport, and to interconnect vehicles, passengers and railway and mass transport operating personnel into the transport ecosystem.


  • People and Partnership
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Quality and Support


Partnership and associations

  • ACRI (Association of the Czech Railway Industry)
  • SDP ČR (Association of Transport Companies of Czech Republic)
  • IEC TC9 WG43 (IEC 61375)
  • IEC TC9 WG46 (IEC 62580)
  • Trainet SG