Panel (HMI) and Vehicle Computers

Panel computers are mainly used as visualization and control devices (HMI) for the driver’s cockpit (driver’s consoles) or as the vehicle diagnostic and communication units. The main aim is to ensure a comfortable and reliable transmission of information about the vehicle and its control.

Panel computers are also used as part of the Passenger Information System (PIS) as a service panel for the vehicle operator.

Vehicle computers can be used to provide higher-level functions for operating rolling stock, including diagnostics and providing remote communications.

Multifunction modular computers, which are intended for use in situations where it is required large computer power, high communication speed and extensive storage capacity, extends the AMiT computer portfolio. The computers are based on the concept of RAVA system of inserting various cards in (3U) mounting standard racks, with a different backplane.

The computers are built with the Intel BayTrail processor and can run with a majority of operating systems (Windows Embedded Standard 7, Linux standardly)


  • Visualization of vehicle system data
  • Control or management of vehicle systems or technologies
  • Diagnostics of vehicle technologies
  • Vehicle communication devices

In addition to above mentioned applications, the multifunction modular computers can be practically used in applications with the requirement for redundancy of power supplies as:

  • Media Server
  • powerful Storage Unit
  • LTE / WiFi / Ethernet Router

Key features

  • Designed for extreme climatic conditions
  • Touch-screen display with excellent quality of picture
  • Wide communication abilities
  • Wide range of configurable communication interfaces
  • Option of user keys and key labels
  • Solution with no moving parts (fan, HDD etc.)
  • Internal inspection of critical temperatures
  • Wide range of operating temperatures -30 °C to 70 °C with LCD, -40 °C to 70 °C without LCD
  • Design in accordance with EN50155