We have been focused on areas of own research and development (R&D) of electronics and control systems for a long time, so we gain a very rich experience in this field. This allows us to continue to develop new and innovative solutions that have been successfully applied in customer projects of different parts of the world. Our R&D staff accounts for nearly 30% of the total number of company employees.

Our areas of R&D interest

  • IP products and solutions
  • Controls Systems
  • Vehicle and Panel Computers (HMI)
  • TCN Communication
  • Display Systems
  • Software

Our R&D essential activities

  • HW & SW development,
  • product construction development
  • testing and diagnostics

We are also ready to make prototypes of a wide range of equipment, as we use manufacturing and completion technologies for electronic equipment applicable in various areas.



  • SMD Assembly
  • PCB Assembly
  • Diagnostic and Testing
  • Product Final Assembly
  • In-house prototype and mass production