IP Surveillance System

The AMiT surveillance system (ACASYS VS) for railway and rolling stock provides more security and prevents vandalism and other crimes in vehicles by monitoring video data from IP cameras located inside and outside vehicles. Stored data can help to prove crime or the cause of accidents. The IP surveillance system (CCTV) uses the same Ethernet communication infrastructure as other systems in the vehicle and can be easily integrated to the higher-level control.

The core components of the surveillance system include inside and outside IP cameras, IP monitors and panel computers (HMIs), recording unit and Ethernet infrastructure for connecting all components. The functions of the recording unit and the method of data transfer can be adapted to the specific requirements of a project.

The inside and outside camera covers can be modified according to the design requirements. All components are developed in accordance with EN 50155.

Furthermore, all the recorded data can be analyzed and evaluated using the program ACASYS Studio.

Key features

  • Provides more security and prevents vandalism
  • Option of storing data to help prove crime or the cause of accidents
  • Recorded data can be analyzed using the ACASYS Studio program
  • Modular system designed according to project requirements
  • Modern European standard technologies
IP kamerový systém - schéma
IP Surveillance System (CCTV) schema