AMiT, spol. s r.o.
Headquarters: Naskové 3/1100, 150 00 Praha 5 – Košíře
Company ID: 45316015, Tax ID: CZ45316015
a company registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague,
file C 7535
(hereinafter referred to as “AMiT”)

The following text presents detailed information that can help you understand the implications of giving your consent to process your personal data for marketing purposes of the AMiT company.

AMiT processes personal data for marketing purposes according to the provided consent to the processing of personal data. This consent is granted via agreeing to the Terms of Use stated on the website. According to the new European legislation regarding the protection of personal data (Regulation EU 2016/679), we need your consent to ensure that the offers and products are tailored to suit your needs and also not to spam you with offers that you might not be interested in.

This document contains only specific information regarding such consent.

1. Personal data we process

It is important to us that you know what personal data we process and what purpose we process it for. Data to be processed for AMiTmarketing purposes based on your consent includes:

Name, Surname, Company name – to make sure we are contacting the right person and we would also like to address you by your name.

Telephone number or E-mail to make sure that the message is delivered.

IP address of device used to access our website

Product of the AMiT company. We register your interest in our products according to pages on our website that you visit, so we can personalize our offers and bring more quality to our services.

The aforementioned personal information is voluntarily given upon accessing our company’s website and creating your own log-in information. We create project webs for our customers that can be accessed only by defined user.

Out of the scope of your consent, we also register more personal data that is used for fulfilling our legal obligations, or for legitimate interests. Such data can be provided either by you, public sources, or are made during the business contact (e.g. Company ID, Tax ID, Company nae, Your position in company, Inquiries, Offers, Deliveries, Complaints, etc.)

2. The purpose of your consent

Based on your consent, we process your personal data and other data you provided so we can prepare suitable offers for products and services provided by AMiT to you.

On the basis of your consent, we will use your personal data to send out business communication about services and products of the AMiTcompany.

Before we use the information, we process it, especially through so called marketing data processing. That involves statistical and mathematical analyses with the goal of gaining insight into the user’s behaviour and predicting their future behaviour or business potential, user profiling, various segmentations, reporting, etc. This processing can be either manual or automatic.

3. Who are you giving your consent to

You grant your consent to processing of personal data for marketing purposes exclusively for AMiT products you have shown interest in.

4. How long we keep personal data

Your consent to processing of personal data for marketing purposes is given to AMiT only once and is valid and in effect for the duration of the contract or service usage plus another year or until your consent is revoked.

After the validity and effect of the consent expire, your personal data will be erased or processed only within purposes that do not require any consent according to legal regulations.

5. How can you revoke your consent

Your consent is voluntary; you are able to refuse to grant it, and you are able to revoke the consent given to AMiT at any time. Refusal to grant the consent or its revocation has no repercussions on your contractual relationship with the AMiT company or on your use of their products and services for which the consent is not required.

Consent can be revoked by sending an e-mail to the address
If the consent is revoked, we presume that you no longer wish for us to process your personal data for marketing purposes – that includes consents granted previously or eventually specific marketing consents. Such subsequent marketing consents will also be considered revoked.

6. What are your lawful rights regarding processing of personal data

As part of your profile on the website, you can customize your personal data for AMiT‘s marketing purposes or delete your account completely.

You have the right to ask us about your personal data we process as well as about the purpose and nature of personal data and recipients of such personal data. If you find out or believe that we process your personal data in violation with your personal life or in violation with legislation, you can request an explanation, or eventually request us to remove such condition.

If you believe that we violated our obligations, you can also refer to the Office for Personal Data Protection with a request to remedy such situation.