Power Supply Units

The RV-PWxxx power supply cards are designated for power supply of the RAVA Modular (Subrack) Control System, which is designed to realize train control systems in rolling stock. The power supply is intended to power all kind of the subrack cards (the CPU, WTB and I/O cards etc.).

To meet requirements for power supply redundancy there is possible the multiple power units to be fitted in one subrack.

Input voltage

24 V / 48 V / 72 V / 110 V DC (-30 % to +25 %)

Output voltage

24 V DC

Output power

max. 40 W

Output current

max. 1,7 A



Shortcut protection


Overload protection


Galv. separation/ insulation strength

yes, 1000 V avg. / 1 minute

Number of occupied positions in subrack



a card into RAVA system

Operating temperature range

-40 °C až 70 °C

Protection rate

IP20 (when installed)


Types available:


Input voltage +24 V DC, output power 40 W


Input voltage +24 V DC, output power 40 W, SB pin


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