Applications for superior control computers are created above the TROL library in C/C++. The project is configured in program TrolDatGen. The program TrolView provides debugging and access to diagnostic data.

TROL – library

  • CANopen master with simple access to communication data and the option of a system definition of safe values
  • IP stack (UDP, ARP, ICMP)
  • administration of process variables including simulating the value of each variable at the system’s level
  • continuous recording of values of chosen variables onto the flash memory
  • alarm system
  • process control


TrolDatGen – project configurator

The program is used to configure the CAN/CANopen network including its safety values and to define the process variables and the lists of variables for continuous recording.


TrolView – debugging and diagnostics

  • on-line debugging aplication
  • management and simulation variables in scenes
  • displays data from the alarm system
  • reading and displaying diagnostic data
  • monitoring and simulating data from the CAN bus
  • administration control computer (download, state)


Software available:

TrolStudio programming environment, debugging and service tools
   TROL a library in C/C++
   TrolDatGen a project configurator
   TrolView debugging and diagnostics

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