TCN Communication

The basic components of the communication network in rolling stock (TCN – Train Communication Network) are a Wire Train Bus (WTB) that provides data communication throughout the whole train unit and a Multifunction Vehicle Bus (MVB) for data exchange (communication) within the vehicle or group of fixed connected vehicles (consist).  Each consist that is to be connected to the a WTB network must be equipped with WTB communication node (called WTB Gateway). The MVB communication network could also be connected through this node. This is called TCN WTB/MVB Gateway.

AMiT offers complete solutions for TCN communication to ensure the inter-operability between different carriages in accordance with IEC 61375. WTB Gateways could integrate any combination of 3 types of inter vehicle communication – MVB, CAN and Ethernet.

There are two concepts of hardware solutions – the modular (subrack) and the compact versions. The subrack version supports redundancy at the level of the communication node (gateway) and the power supply unit. This makes the system extremely reliable and keeps the train communication available at all time. All type of gateways with different communication buses are certified in accordance with UIC 556. Units are designed in accordance with EN 50155. AMiT supply WTB and MVB bus analyzers for detail diagnostics of TCN communication.


TCN AMiT communication infrastructure
AMiT’s Train Communication Network (TCN) infrastructure schema


TCN AMiT communication infrastructure
AMiT’s Train Communication Network (TCN) schema