CPU Units

The modular subrack control system RAVA is designed to implement TCMS in rolling stock. CPU units provide backbone communication of each subrack to various communication lines (Ethernet, MVB, CAN, WTB, TRDP), while at the same time the individual types of communication can be arbitrarily combined.

An important feature of the subrack design is a possibility of redundancy of power supplies, CPUs, and all I/O cards to increase the reliability of the system.


1x double line

MVB Class

class 1: DS + PD

class 2: DS + PD + MD

class 3: DS + PD + BA

class 4: DS + PD + MD + BA

MVB communication rate

1,5 Mbps ± 0,01 %


1 to 6

CAN type

Master / Slave

CAN communication rate

1 Mbps

Ethernet interface

10 / 100 Mbps, M12 D-coded

Power supply / Max. power consumption

Internal 24 V DC from subrack / 100 mA

Protection rate

IP20 (when installed)


ČSN EN 50155, ČSN EN 50121-3-2, ČSN EN 61373, ČSN EN 60068-2-1, ČSN EN 60068-2-2, ČSN EN 61375-1


Types available:

RV-CPMC/1201Master CPU unit, 2× CAN
RV-CPMC/1401Master CPU unit, 4× CAN
RV-CPMC/1601Master CPU unit, 6× CAN
RV-CPME/1001Master CPU unit, 1× Ethernet
RV-CPSC/1100Slave CPU unit, 1× CAN
RV-CPSM/1110Slave CPU unit, 1× MVB, 1× Ethernet
Master CPU unit, 1× TRDP


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