AMiT presents its new products, TRDP and IO units

Starting today, AMiT presents its new products at the Innotrans 2018 Expo. Amongst them are devices with the TRDP communication protocol – namely the RMTRDP1010 module; also Remote IO units in three versions: RRT2-IO/001, RRT2-I/001 and [...]

I/O Units TRDP

I/O Units with TRDP RRT2-xxx are remote I/O units designed and optimized to control rolling stock. Units communicate with other parts of TCMS through TRDP protocol. The units meet the requirements of EN 50155 (Electronic equipment used on rolling stock) [...]

Power Supply Units

Power Supply Units The RV-PWxxx power supply cards are designated for power supply of the RAVA Modular (Subrack) Control System, which is designed to realize train control systems in rolling stock. The power supply is intended to power all kind of the [...]

CPU Units

CPU Units The modular subrack control system RAVA is designed to implement TCMS in rolling stock. CPU units provide backbone communication of each subrack to various communication lines (Ethernet, MVB, CAN, WTB, TRDP), while at the same time the [...]

I/O Units

I/O Units – cards The Modular Subrack Control System RAVA is designed to implement TCMS in rolling stock. There are wide series of cards with digital or analogue inputs/outputs. Communication to train bus networks provides CPU card with a variety of [...]

TCMS – Modular Subrack Control System

TCMS – Modular Train Subrack Control System The powerful AMiT RAVA subrack train control system controls all the technologies in rolling stock and the Management of Vehicles Communication Networks (TCMS systems). In addition to CPU units and I/O [...]


TrolStudio Applications for superior control computers are created above the TROL library in C/C++. The project is configured in program TrolDatGen. The program TrolView provides debugging and access to diagnostic data. TROL – library CANopen master [...]


Subracks There are different types of mounting boxes (subracks, also known as card cages) for Modular Control RAVA System available. You can choose the size of the subracks corresponding to number of the RAVA cards (CPU, I/O, power supply units). The [...]

Special Units with CANopen

Special Fuse Units with CANopen RRFSxx units are designated to protect electrical circuits of rolling stock and provide actual fuse status information to the vehicle control system. Each fuse status is read by internal electronics. This information [...]

I/O Units Ethernet

I/O Units with Ethernet RRE-xxx are remote input/output units, designed and optimized for use on rolling stock. The units communicate other parts of TCMS through Ethernet protocol. RRE-xxx units are designed and certified to use in rolling stock and meets [...]