On-board Passenger Information System

The passenger information system (PIS) is designed as a modular system whose final appearance can be customized by adding and modifying individual components or sub-systems and by programming the functions specified in the project.

There are basic functional entities in AMiT’s PIS:


All components use a single communication infrastructure (RS485, Ethernet) which provides maximum flexibility to the final solution. The entire information system provides the following:

  • connection to the WTB train communication bus and/or Ethernet train backbone
  • GSM and WiFi data transmission, and GPS positioning
  • information from the train seat reservation system
  • information displaying on the interior and exterior LED and TFT display units
  • the diagnostics displaying of other technical equipment
  • passenger announcements
  • audio communication of on-board operational staff

The passenger information system meets all the requirements of current European directives and both UIC 176 and UIC 556 standards.

Key features

  • Comprehensive passenger information system
  • Modular system = adaptable to suit individual requirements
  • Ensuring a high standard of information at low operational cost
  • High functional reliability
  • Easy to integrated
  • Wide range of operating temperatures
  • Rugged design for rolling stock

Applications for:

  • trams
  • trains
    • high speed and commuter trains (EMU, DMU)
    • locomotives
    • carriages (RIC)
  • metro
Informační systém cestujících - schéma
On-board Passenger Information System schema
Informační systém cestujících - schéma
On-board Passenger Information System schema