METRO Minsk (Belarus)

In recent weeks, the Transportation division of the AMiT company has successfully delivered and implemented its first project in Belarus in form of a complete passenger information system (PIS) and TCN for the new METRO cars for Minsk (Belarus) [...]

Waterproofed panel computer HMI – ABB India

Last year, the AMiT company has started the delivery for panel computers (HMI) for rolling stock of the AWxxx series to ABB India for the driver’s cabin of the WAG-9 series locomotives. The one defining characteristic of these panel computers is being [...]

HMI Computers and Vehicle Computers

Panel (HMI) and Vehicle Computers Panel computers are mainly used as visualization and control devices (HMI) for the driver’s cockpit (driver’s consoles) or as the vehicle diagnostic and communication units. The main aim is to ensure a [...]

AMiT’s panel computers will head to USA

AMiT will supply its rugged on-board diagnostic TCMS (Train Control and Management System) panel computers (HMIs) in project of eight FLIRT3 trainsets delivery from the Swiss rolling stock manufacturer Stadler Rail. The HMIs will carry out a diagnostic [...]

Another successful campaign of AMiT’s technology in Turkey

The Czech company AMiT continues in confidence gaining on Middle East markets and comes with its comprehensive on-board Passenger Information System (PIS) in two projects of new trams, which are manufactured and supplied by the Turkish Durmazlar. [...]

AMiT multifunctional modular computers are coming soon!

Do you intend to better exploit a potential of industrial computers based on rack (modular) concept for use in rolling stock environment where it is required: rugged industrial design? huge computing performance? high communication rates? big storage [...]

Multifunctional Modular Computers

Multifunctional Modular Computers Multifunctional modular computers are based on the racks RAVA-X concept and are intended for use in environment where it is required a huge computing performance, high communication rates and big storage capacity. The [...]

The diagnostic HMI in new Serbian EMU trains

The 21 modern FLIRT3 four-car low-floor units from the manufacturer Stadler, which are equipped with AMiT diagnostic HMI, are gradually brought into full operation in Serbia from second half of last year continuously. These rugged panel computers of the [...]