Another successful campaign of AMiT’s technology in Turkey

The Czech company AMiT continues in confidence gaining on Middle East markets and comes with its comprehensive on-board Passenger Information System (PIS) in two projects of new trams, which are manufactured and supplied by the Turkish Durmazlar. [...]

Other Audio System Components

Other Audio System Components MP3 audio player The MP3 audio player RRAM-MPP/A1 with Ethernet interface is designed for use in railways and rolling stock Sound Control Unit RRAS-SVC units are used for controlling sound on audio systems with a RS485 [...]

Broad-band Loudspeakers

Broad-band Loudspeakers Sufficient sound reproduction in a driver’s cabin, a passenger compartment or front of the vehicle is ensured by appropriately placed the speakers. There are the speakers in a robust design with enhanced resistance to [...]

Microphone Units

Microphone Units The microphone units are used to capture the sound inside of vehicles and to its conversion to IP audio. The units supplied in a design of gooseneck are determined for driver’s announcement purposes. There are buttons to select a [...]

IP Audio Digitizer

IP Audio Digitizer IP digitizer is an essential part of a driver’s headset. It is used to convert audio signals into digital signals and vice versa, for transmitting audio over an Ethernet network. There are input circuits for the microphone and audio [...]

IP Intercoms

IP Intercoms The on-board IP intercoms with tough vandal-resistant design provide communication of both passengers and vehicle crews with the driver and provide passenger emergency calls. The intercom communication considerably contributes to increased [...]

UIC Audio Gateway

UIC Audio Gateway The AMiT audio gateways provide the: public announcements in carriages telephone line to establish a connection and communication with the driver radiotelephone line to establish a connection and communications with central office The [...]

IP Micro-Telephones

IP Micro-Telephones IP micro-telephones are intended to communicate over an Ethernet network. The handsets are designed to be integrated in driver’s cabin or in compartments for vehicle personnel. The micro-telephones enable communication between the [...]

IP Audio Amplifier

IP Audio Amplifier The IP audio amplifier is an integral part of vehicle audio system. The amplifier provides an IP sound conversion in audio signal and its required level of amplification. It is designed for speakers placed in a passenger compartment.

IP Audio System

IP Audio System The ACASYS AS IP audio system is the AMiT digital audio system for railway and rolling stock that provides all the essential requirements of vehicle audio communications to as: automatic acoustic announcements to passengers from a central [...]