AMiT company has won in tender DPOV

AMiT company has won in tender for supplying the Information System, Audio System, WTB including diagnostics and WiFi for renovation of Bmz229, Bmz235 and Amz138 passenger cars. We have supplied modern HW and SW for Information systems in single/double [...]

On-board WiFi

On-board WiFi The AMiT internet solution for railway and rolling stock is built on infrastructure assembled of GSM routers (WRT product line), WiFi access points (WAP product line) and supplementary components like antennas and cabling. The thus assembled [...]

WiFi Access Point (AP)

WiFi Access Point (AP) The rugged WiFi Access Point (WAPxxx product line) is ready to use for delivering internet access to passengers as well as secure access for railway and rolling stock crews. The two Ethernet interfaces of AP enable concatenation of units.