METRO Minsk (Belarus)

In recent weeks, the Transportation division of the AMiT company has successfully delivered and implemented its first project in Belarus in form of a complete passenger information system (PIS) and TCN for the new METRO cars for Minsk (Belarus) [...]

AMiT company has won in tender DPOV

AMiT company has won in tender for supplying the Information System, Audio System, WTB including diagnostics and WiFi for renovation of Bmz229, Bmz235 and Amz138 passenger cars. We have supplied modern HW and SW for Information systems in single/double [...]

Another successful campaign of AMiT’s technology in Turkey

The Czech company AMiT continues in confidence gaining on Middle East markets and comes with its comprehensive on-board Passenger Information System (PIS) in two projects of new trams, which are manufactured and supplied by the Turkish Durmazlar. [...]

IP Display System

IP Display System IP system of display (information) units is designed primarily for applications in means of passenger transport. It consists of a TFT display, LED panel and LCD or VFD display technologies that are implemented into: Passenger Information [...]

OLED, LCD and VFD Displays

OLED, LCD and VFD Displays LCD / VFD / OLED displays are used as reservation system terminals for open passenger carriages in railway rolling stock. The customer can adjust and finish the vehicle reservation system themselves as needed in the specific project.

LED Panels

LED Panels Dot matrix information panels are designed for passenger information systems. There are exterior and interior panel versions available. The LED panels are ideal for use in rolling stock applications due to the extremely wide range of operating [...]

TFT Displays

TFT Displays The TFT information displays are designed for: Passenger Information Systems (PIS) IP Surveillance Systems (CCTV) replacing of vehicle rearview-mirrors The TFT displays are used within information system for passengers as displays for [...]