New TFT displays with ARM CPU

AMiT has developed and currently supplies new TFT displays designed for railways with the corresponding EN 50155 standard, equipped with the ARM Cortex-A53 processors. Deployment of ARM processors significantly reduces power consumption and increases the graphics performance of the units.

Built as a low-power, 64-bit CPU, the Cortex-A53 can be used in a range of high-performance devices in low-power environments.

The new TFT displays with ARM processors are marked AIPQXAxxx. AMiT currently supplies these TFT panels in 18.5″ and 21.5″ diagonal dimension with 178° viewing angles both horizontally and vertically. By default. they are equipped with one M12 Ethernet connector.

AMiT supplies these AIPQXAxxx panels for new Warsaw metro cars, new 16EV and 18EV electric EMU units and for the refitting of the BDMTEE cars.

Another device currently being developed in AMiT with ARM processors is a recording unit for CCTV systems. The unit takes into account all the experience gained so far with CCTV systems and will be used for the first time in the Warsaw metro cars.