I/O Units – cards

The Modular Subrack Control System RAVA is designed to implement TCMS in rolling stock. There are wide series of cards with digital or analogue inputs/outputs. Communication to train bus networks provides CPU card with a variety of communication lines (Ethernet, MVB, WTB, CAN).

An important feature of the sub rack design is a possibility of redundancy of power supplies, CPUs, and all I/O cards to increase the reliability of the system.

Digital I/O

24 V / 48 V DC / 110 V DC

Analogue I/O

0 to 20 mA


LEDs on a front panel

Power supply / Max. power consumption

Internal 24 V DC from subrack

Working temperature

-40 °C to 70 °C

Protection rate

IP20 (when installed)


Types available:

input / output  DI     DOAI
RV-I/011132 (24 V DC)
RV-O/021124 (24 V DC / 4 A, HSS)
RV-F/021124 (24 V DC / 4 A, HSS)
RV-A/111012 (0 mA to 20 mA)


RV-A/1110 Product leaflet rv-a1110_d_en_101.pdf
Operation manual rv-a1110_g_en_100.pdf
3D preview rv-a1110_3p_en_100.pdf
3D model (STEP) rv-a1110_3s_en_100.zip
Drawing symbol rv-a1110_s_en_100.zip
RV-F/0211 Product leaflet rv-f0211_d_en_101.pdf
Product leaflet rv-f0211_d_en_101.pdf
Operation manual rv-f0211_g_en_100.pdf
3D preview rv-f0211_3p_en_100.pdf
3D model (STEP) rv-f0211_3s_en_100.zip
Drawing symbol rv-f0211_s_en_100.zip
RV-I/0111 Product leaflet rv-i011x_d_en_102.pdf
Operation manual rv-i0111_g_en_100.pdf
3D preview rv-i0111_3p_en_100.pdf
3D model (STEP) rv-i0111_3s_en_100.zip
Drawing symbol rv-i0111_s_en_100.zip
RV-O/0211 Product leaflet rv-o0211_d_en_101.pdf
Operation manual rv-o0211_g_en_100.pdf
Drawing symbol rv-o0211_s_en_100.zip

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