WiFi system from AMiT

Based on the application submitted by AMiT in the past year 2019, the Railroad Authority of the Czech Republic approved the modification of the rail vehicle in the versions 814-914 and 814-014-814 concerning the equipping of 814-series units with WiFi technology from AMiT for providing internet connection services.

Last year 2019, a prototype of two-car version of the 814 unit was fitted and at this moment, the WiFi system produced by AMiT is being installed in DPOV PSO Veselí nad Moravou to the other serial units of the 814-series, especially during periodic vehicle repairs. The total delivery volume should be around 60 WiFi sets for the units of this particular series.

Thanks to this delivery for the 814-series units operated by ČD on regional lines, AMiT makes passengers’ daily trips more pleasant by providing full-quality Internet that they are already used to from their medium and long trips.