I/O Units with CAN

RRC-xxx are remote I/O units designed and optimized to control rolling stock. Units communicate with other parts of TCMS through CANopen DS 401 protocol. The units meet the requirements of EN 50155 (Electronic equipment used on rolling stock) class TX.

The CAN connectors are concatenated (simpler cabling). The RRC-KM plug-in module is used to adjust the rate of communication and the unit address. This can be a part of cabling (the providing so-called node geographic configuration). This solution minimizes mistakes in the unit configuration when servicing or making a replacement. The signal connectors used are of the type WAGO X-COM.

CAN interface

1 ×

Communication rate

250 / 500 / 1000 kbps

Communication protocol

CANopen DS 401

Power supply

24 V / 48 V DC (-30 % to +25 %)

Protection rate


Operating temperature

-40 °C to 70 °C


35 mm DIN rail


1,25 g

Dimensions (w × h × d)

(170 × 100 × 108) mm


EN 50155, EN 50121-3-2, EN 61373, EN 60068-2-1, EN 60068-2-2


Types available:

input / outputDIDORDOAIAOVcc
RRC-I/00132----24 V DC
RRC-I/00532----48 V DC
RRC-IO/001168---24 V DC
RRC-AIO/001126-4 (4 mA to 20 mA)-24 V DC
RRC-AIO/201126-4 (0 V to 15 V)-24 V DC
RRC-IOR/0011272--24 V DC
RRC-O/001-16---24 V DC
RRC-O/005-16---48 V DC
RRC-ION/001128--4 (4 mA to 20 mA)24 V DC
RRC2-IO/001168---24 V DC
RRC2-AIO/001168-4-24 V DC
RRC2-I/00132----24 V DC



Document File
RRC-AIO/001 Návod (Guide) Operation manual rrc-aio001_g_en_101.pdf
Leták (Data sheet) Product leaflet rrc-aio001_d_en_101.pdf
Drawing symbol rrc-aio001_s_en_101.zip
RRC-AIO/201 Leták (Data sheet) Product leaflet rrc-aio201_d_en_100.pdf
Drawing symbol rrc-aio201_s_en_100.zip
RRC-I/001 Leták (Data sheet) Product leaflet rrc-i001_d_en_101.pdf
Návod (Guide) Operation manual rrc-i001_g_en_101.pdf
Drawing symbol rrc-i001_s_en_101.zip
RRC-I/005 Drawing symbol rrc-i005_s_en_100.zip
RRC-IO/001 Drawing symbol rrc-io001_s_en_101.zip
Návod (Guide) Operation manual rrc-io001_g_en_102.pdf
Leták (Data sheet) Product leaflet rrc-io001_d_en_100.pdf
RRC-ION/001 Leták (Data sheet) Product leaflet rrc-ion001_d_en_102.pdf
Návod (Guide) Operation manual rrc-ion001_g_en_103.pdf
Drawing symbol rrc-ion001_s_en_101.zip
RRC-IOR/001 Návod (Guide) Operation manual rrc-ior001_g_en_101.pdf
Leták (Data sheet) Product leaflet rrc-ior001_d_en_100.pdf
Drawing symbol rrc-ior001_s_en_101.zip
RRC-O/001 Leták (Data sheet) Product leaflet rrc-o001_d_en_100.pdf
Drawing symbol rrc-o001_s_en_101.zip
Návod (Guide) Operation manual rrc-o001_g_en_101.pdf
RRC-xxx 3D preview rrc-xxx_3p_en_100.pdf
3D model (STEP) rrc-xxx_3s_en_100.zip

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