LED Panels

Dot matrix information panels are designed for passenger information systems. There are exterior and interior panel versions available. The LED panels are ideal for use in rolling stock applications due to the extremely wide range of operating temperatures where they can be used and their robust design. The customer can adjust the LED panels to fit as they need for the specific project when installing them on the rolling stock.



Resolution / Pitch

on demand

LED colour

yellow, 590 nm typ.
red, 633 nm typ.
different colour options on demand


internal – typ. 200 cd/m2
external – typ. 800 cd/m2

Light sensor

automatic brightness control


1 ×

   Galvanic separation


Power supply

24 V DC (-30 % to +25 %)

   Galvanic separation


Cover colour

typically RAL7035 or RAL9005

different colour options on demand

Operating temperature

-40 °C to 70 °C


EN 50155, EN 50121-3-2, EN 61373, EN 60068-2-1, EN 60068-2-2


Types available:

 ResolutionColourPitch / BrightnessWC symbolDimensions (mm)Protect rate
ALP1100/A144 x 64amber4 / 800no(661 × 315 × 37)IP00
ALP1120/A144 x 64amber4 / 800no(667 × 401 × 37)IP65
ALP1200/A200 x 30amber4 / 200yes(931 × 205 × 37)IP50
ALP1300/A100 x 30amber4 / 200yes(656 × 189 × 35)IP50
ALP1300/B100 x 30amber4 / 200yes(656 × 189 × 35)IP50
ALP2100/A135 x 24amber8 / 800no(1182 × 225 × 61)IP50
ALP2200/A135 x 24amber8 / 800no(1111 × 249 × 61)IP50
ALP2300/B131 x 23amber5 / 200no(724 × 167 × 37)IP50
ALP3C0510/A1114 x 15red6 / 200no(710 × 150 × 47)IP50
ALP3F2010/A1114 x 15red6 / 800no(710 × 150 × 47)IP50
ALP3B2630/A1114 x 15amber6 / 200no(710 x 150 x 47)IP50
ALP3C1810/A1216 x 15red6 / 200no(1322 × 150 × 47)IP50
ALP3A2730/A1 216 x 15amber6 / 800no(1322 x 150 x 47)IP50
ALP3A2910/A1180 x 16amber5 / 800no(927 x 140 x 40)IP50
ALP5A2410/A1 100 x 20amber8 / 800no(902 x 193 x 47)IP50
ALP5A3010/A1  150 x 19amber8 / 800no(1226 x 210 x 50)IP50
DLM100/A1 x 40RGB no(720 × 98 × 27)IP00


ALP1100/A Product leaflet alp1100a_d_en_100.pdf
Operation manual alp1100a_g_en_103.pdf
3D preview alp1100a_3p_en_100.pdf
3D model (STEP) alp1100a_3s_en_100.zip
Drawing symbol alp1100a_s_en_100.zip
ALP1100/AE 3D preview alp1100ae_3p_en_100.pdf
3D model (STEP) alp1100ae_3s_en_100.zip
ALP1120/A Operation manual alp1120ax_g_en_100.pdf
Operation manual alp1120a_g_en_102.pdf
ALP1120/A1 Product leaflet alp1120a1_d_en_100.pdf
3D preview alp1120a1_3p_en_100.pdf
3D model (STEP) alp1120a1_3s_en_100.zip
Drawing symbol alp1120a1_s_en_100.zip
ALP1120/A2 Product leaflet alp1120a2_d_en_100.pdf
Operation manual alp1120a2_g_en_100.pdf
3D preview alp1120a2_3p_en_100.pdf
3D preview alp1120a_3p_en_100.pdf
3D model (STEP) alp1120a2_3s_en_100.zip
3D model (STEP) alp1120a_3s_en_100.zip
Drawing symbol alp1120a2_s_en_101.zip
Drawing symbol alp1120a_s_en_102.zip
ALP1200/A Product leaflet alp1200a_d_en_100.pdf
Operation manual alp1200a_g_en_103.pdf
3D preview alp1200a_3p_en_100.pdf
3D model (STEP) alp1200a_3s_en_100.zip
Drawing symbol alp1200a_s_en_100.zip
ALP1300/A Product leaflet alp1300x_d_en_100.pdf
Operation manual alp1300x_g_en_103.pdf
3D preview alp1300a_3p_en_100.pdf
3D model (STEP) alp1300a_3s_en_100.zip
Drawing symbol alp1300a_s_en_100.zip
ALP1300/B Product leaflet alp1300x_d_en_100.pdf
3D preview alp1300b_3p_en_100.pdf
3D model (STEP) alp1300b_3s_en_100.zip
Drawing symbol alp1300b_s_en_100.zip
ALP1A2812/A1 Product leaflet alp1a2812a1_d_en_100.pdf
Operation manual alp1a2812a1_g_en_102.pdf
Operation manual alp1a2812a1_g_en_102.pdf
3D preview alp1a2812a1_3p_en_100-1.pdf
3D model (STEP) alp1a2812a1_3s_en_100.zip
ALP2100/A Product leaflet alp2100a_d_en_100.pdf
Operation manual alp2100a_g_en_102.pdf
3D preview alp2100a_3p_en_100.pdf
3D model (STEP) alp2100a_3s_en_100.zip
Drawing symbol alp2100a_s_en_100.zip
ALP2200/A Product leaflet alp2200a_d_en_100.pdf
Operation manual alp2200a_g_en_100.pdf
Operation manual alp2200ax_g_en_100.pdf
3D preview alp2200a_3p_en_100.pdf
3D model (STEP) alp2200a_3s_en_100.zip
Drawing symbol alp2200a_s_en_100.zip
ALP2200/A130 Product leaflet alp2200a130_d_cz_100.pdf
3D preview alp2200a130_3p_en_100.pdf
3D model (STEP) alp2200a130_3s_en_100.zip
ALP2200/AB Product leaflet alp2200ab_d_en_100.pdf
Operation manual alp2200ab_g_en_102.pdf
ALP2300/B Product leaflet alp2300b_d_en_101.pdf
Operation manual alp2300b_g_en_102.pdf
3D preview alp2300b_3p_en_100.pdf
3D model (STEP) alp2300b_3s_en_100.zip
Drawing symbol alp2300b_s_en_100.zip
ALP3A2730/A1 Operation manual alp3a2730a1_g_en_100.pdf
ALP3C0510/A1 Product leaflet alp3c0510a1_d_en_100.pdf
Operation manual alp3c0510a1_g_en_101.pdf
3D preview alp3c0510a1_3p_en_100.pdf
3D model (STEP) alp3c0510a1_3s_en_100.zip
Drawing symbol alp3c0510a1_s_en_100.zip
ALP3C1810/A1 Product leaflet alp3c1810a1_d_en_100.pdf
Operation manual alp3c1810a1_g_en_101.pdf
ALP3F2010/A1 Product leaflet alp3f2010a1_d_en_100.pdf
Operation manual alp3f2010a1_g_en_100.pdf
3D preview alp3f2010a1_3p_en_100.pdf
3D model (STEP) alp3f2010a1_3s_en_100.zip
ALP5A2112/A 3D preview alp5a2112a1_3p_en_100.pdf
3D model (STEP) alp5a2112a1_3s_en_100.zip
ALP5A2112/A1 Product leaflet alp5a2112a1_d_en_100.pdf
Operation manual alp5a2112a1_g_en_103.pdf
Operation manual alp5a2112a1_g_en_103.pdf
ALP5A2410/A1 Product leaflet alp5a2410a1_d_en_100.pdf
Operation manual alp5a2410a1_g_en_100.pdf
DLM100/A Product leaflet dlm100a_d_en_101.pdf
Operation manual dlm100a_g_en_101.pdf

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