WiFi system from AMiT

Based on the application submitted by AMiT in the past year 2019, the Railroad Authority of the Czech Republic approved the modification of the rail vehicle in the versions 814-914 and 814-014-814 concerning the equipping of 814-series units with WiFi [...]
New LTE routers

New LTE routers WRMxxx from AMiT

AMiT recently deployed its new additions to the WRM family of LTE routers. The main difference in comparison with the WRA/WRT families is the presence of 1 LTE modem; WRM LTE routers are therefore an ideal solution for domestic railway and bus [...]

WiFi router – 3×3 MIMO and IP 54 cover rating among

As part of an order for Slovakian railways for local trains, we have started delivering our LTE router WRWB1GC0442C1A to the company ŽOS Trading. Router is designed according to the EN 50155:2007 norm, and it boasts support for 3×3 MIMO and IP 54 [...]

AMiT company has won in tender DPOV

AMiT company has won in tender for supplying the Information System, Audio System, WTB including diagnostics and WiFi for renovation of Bmz229, Bmz235 and Amz138 passenger cars. We have supplied modern HW and SW for Information systems in single/double [...]

On-board WiFi

On-board WiFi The AMiT internet solution for railway and rolling stock is built on infrastructure assembled of GSM routers (WRT product line), WiFi access points (WAP product line) and supplementary components like antennas and cabling. The thus assembled [...]

WiFi LTE router

WiFi LTE Router The LTE router (WRTxxx product line) is reliable and effective on-board communication device which provides connecting of vehicle network to the Internet through a set of integrated LTE modems. WRT offers intelligent switching [...]