Another successful campaign of AMiT’s technology in Turkey

The Czech company AMiT continues in confidence gaining on Middle East markets and comes with its comprehensive on-board Passenger Information System (PIS) in two projects of new trams, which are manufactured and supplied by the Turkish Durmazlar. Deliveries of the information system includes a system of display units (information TFT displays and LED panels), IP surveillance system (CCTV), IP audio system and panel computers (HMIs), which are responsible for the administration and management of the entire information system of trams.

There are trams of type 2.65 (Panorama) in both of the projects. The trams will be operated in the Turkish cities of Kocaeli (12 trams) and Samsun (8 trams). These are 3-vehicle bidirectional trams with length of 31.84 m, width 2.65 m and height 3.30 m, where 2 of 3 bogies are powered (with drive). Tram weight is 41.3 tons and can hold up to 290 passengers. The price of each tram tendered is in a total amount of 1.54 million EUR.